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FORM studios inc. commercial Design & Build solutions assist clients with numerous commercial commissions that focus on profitability and timely solutions to meet the ever-growing needs of business. Architectural integrity combined with barrier free, efficient and functional space is paramount to the success of any commercial commission and FORM studios inc, will deliver your project on-time and on-budget. Commercial services include: retail design, lease space design, commercial site plan layouts, master planning, LEED certification and feasibility studies. Design & Build method available to all Commercial projects if elected.


FORM studios inc. Industrial Design & Build solutions has extensive experience working with industrial clients that require special attention to safety, scheduling, cost and efficiency. The flow of any industrial facility is critical to the success and long-term viability of the commission. FORM studios inc. has years of experience working and managing large equipment and large power requirements married to the critical safety of the personnel in the factory. FORM studios will integrate with your ongoing industrial processes so that you expand your facility while maintaining current operational and production expectations. Industrial services include: assembly process design & modeling, process piping design & modeling, chemical use and storage analysis, hazard analysis, egress and occupancy analysis, factory layout and critical path analysis, access control design, OSHA compliance design, data center and server room design and inventory control and storage solutions design. Design & Build method available to all Industrial projects if elected.


Form studios inc. Healthcare Design & Build solutions is founded on the belief that the patient is first and the architecture is there to assist in comfortable experiences for patients and staff. The architects of FORM studios inc have worked on almost every facet of healthcare design from hospital campuses to outpatient health clinics. Patient flow and travel distance is critical to allowing a medical facility ease of operation in an efficient and pleasurable manner. FORM studios utilizes technics such as daylighting, material selection and other green technologies to give efficient natural spaces with returns on facility operation costs. Medical Services include: state licensed surgery facility design, clinic design, skilled nursing, assisted and independent living, memory care design, magnetic and radiation specialization design, physical therapy and outpatient office design. Design & Build method available to all healthcare projects if elected.


Form studios inc. residential Design & Build solutions understands AND respects the family unit and uses metaphor to describe and generate the residential FORM. The use of the “Story” as it relates to the family manifests a set of variable that are used to generate the “Form” of the residence. FORM studios inc. believes that the “Story & Form” method of residential architecture far exceeds typical “Home Builder” mentality of one plan fits all. When FORM studios inc. begins a residential commission the dreams, experiences and family goals are brought together to generate the final built FORM. Design & Build method available to all residential projects if elected.

recent projects

Demilec USA

• Demilec – Blending Room – Completed 2011 • Demilec – Building Flow Laboratory – Completed 2011 • Demilec – Product Evaluation Laboratory – Completed 2011 • Demilec – Building Sewer and Zero Discharge renovation – Completed 2011 • Demilec – Compressed air corral & air quality terminal – Completed 2011 • Demilec – Industrial Maintenance Services – Ongoing • Demilec – Trailer Fabrication Factory - 41,473 square feet complete renovation. Completed 2012 • Demilec – Office renovation & Data Center Installation. 11,707 square feet. Completed 2010 • Demilec – Rear ADA Access – Completed 2012 • Demilec – Blending & Entry Factory – 106,937 square feet complete renovation. Completed 2013

Acuity Brands

• Acuity Brands Phase 1 – Light Fixture Fabrication & Assembly Factory -700 Ton Punch Press factory line – DFW Airport – 220,042 square feet. Completed 2013 • Acuity Brands Phase 2 – Hard Tool Fabrication Factory – Completed 2013 • Acuity Brands Phase 3 - Factory offices & Management – DFW Airport – 17,063 square feet – Completed 2013


• Communications Workers of America – Union Hall addition and renovation. Fort Worth South Side. Completed 2011

Safe City Commission

One Safe Place - Project for the Safe City Commission in partnership with dozens of partner agencies and the National Family Justice Center Alliance to develop a family justice center for Tarrant County providing most of the services for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault needs in one location.

FORM studios, inc
a quick intro

FORM studios Architecture is a design & build research architecture firm in Dallas/Fort Worth. In 2000 Form studios was founded as an exploration of architectural FORM. Form studios provides architectural, construction and building service for both commercial and residential commissions, master planning, 3-D visualization and animation services. The studio is comprised of members educated in the theories and principles of architectural design and construction. The combination of professional experiences and the creativity of each individual involved fuel the theoretical and practical nature of FORM studios. If the perception of familiar concepts can be shifted to induce a slightly unfamiliar perspective of architecture, then the process of blending artistic interpretation with deliberate manipulation of spatial experience will lead to the discovery of the essence of FORM that is so dear to the likes of photographers, artists, craftsmen, and architects.

To FORM studios, the business of Architecture is to design in such a manner that the purity of intent is realized while meeting the requirements of function with the goal to surpass the client’s expectations.

Within this studio the idea is to explore the meaning of FORM as architecture and apply those findings to unique interpretations of the creation of space. Precedence is derived from many styles throughout history as well as those on the leading edge of technology. The use of design concepts such as proportion and scale fused with the concepts of positive and negative space allows for exploration of implied relationships and interwoven layering. This translates into an ability to draw from innumerable sources to produce a FORM which could be experienced from both inside and out. The creative process touches each aspect of the design. The result is a project that integrates with the environment, context, site, and programmatic elements. The depth of the FORM finds sanctuary in the layering of visual media such as the fluidity of cinematography, the precision of three-dimensional visualization, and the evolution of development so often found in hand sketches. Each element helps to capture the process of design, which in turn, gives a more clear meaning to the final jewel of the built FORM.

our capabilities

  • Design & Build services in conjunction with ABP Development LLC.
  • Architectural services for all types of commissions
  • Automation design and integration
  • Real Time bidding, Intent and RFI resolution with sub-contractors.
  • ADA integration
  • Value Engineering Comparisons
  • Over 47 years of experience working in the field of architecture & construction
  • NCARB Certified can be licensed in any state.
  • Animation and rendering services
  • Product piping modeling
  • Cinematic marketing and sales videos
  • Manage construction budget
  • Track construction changes and change orders if required
  • Manage construction
  • Generate project schedule
  • Jobsite supervision and reporting
  • Project Management
  • Factory startup in conjunction with Global Productivity Solutions.